Best DSLR Camera Under 35000

I can’t imagine my life without all those beautiful pictures that have been taken at some point of time in life and they are now preserved in albums or the computer. The nostalgic feeling when one goes through when they go through the pictures is priceless. Thanks to the great cameras that are available these days, you can get high quality pictures and that will stay forever. Here are the best DSLR camera under 35000.

Sony SLT A35K

This is one cool entry level camera that you will find in the market and since it is a Sony product it ought to be good, which it is. This one is a rather compact DSLR and the features that it packs are pretty awesome. With just the right number of manual controls, the camera has a rather simple yet interactive menu that will help you get into the mode you want, really quick.

The camera has a 3 inch LCD display, a 16MP optical sensor and the video resolution is 1080p.


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Nikon DSLR D5100

This is yet another DSLR that will leave you amazed. It has a 16.2MP optical sensor and thus pictures of immaculate clarity are guaranteed. It has a 3 inch LCD display and the best part is that even though the power of the optical sensor is quite high the camera does great even in high ISO settings.

Also, the video mode of this camera is commendable as it enables the users to take videos in full HD format.

Sony SLT A33L

This camera from Sony is packed with features so creative that you will have a butter smooth experience taking pictures. This is one of those models that the company is really proud of. The camera is packed with a 14MP optical sensor that takes classy pictures.

It has a 3 inch LCD display that is articulated and it is one of the best displays that I have seen for a camera. There is an HDMI output present as well, so you can see the pictures on an HD television by simply connecting the camera to it.

Canon EOS 550D

This is a budget level DSLR from the house of Canon and it is an amazing performer. The DSLR has great looks. It is equipped with a rubberized grip, so you can hold it with ease while taking pictures. The camera has an 18.7 MP optical sensor and EOS integrated cleaning system for the sensor.

There is full HD video recording as well and you have manual control over the exposure in which the video is being shot.

Sony DSLR A300

This one has passable looks, but it’s the features that will clearly blow you off. The camera has a 2.7-inch LCD display that has the fold out design and a 10.2 MP optical sensor that works wonders with photographs. The most outstanding feature of this camera is that it has a nine-point autofocus system, which means that the autofocus system is really fast and sharp.

You can shoot full HD videos with the help of the camera and there are quite a few modes that are present that will enable you to get the best pictures.

Sony DSLR A230Y

The camera is extremely light and you will be able to carry it around. It has a 10.2 MP optical sensor with a 2.7 inch Clear Photo LCD display and it has the anti dust system integration as well. Apart from that, the DSLR has a 9 point autofocus system.

What I liked most about the camera is that you get quite good pictures even the ISO settings of the camera has been set quite high,

Now that you know the best DSLR camera below 35000, you can take your pick and buy it from the store that is nearest to you and start clicking. Uber cool pictures are the least that you will get.


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