Why Upgrade? An iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Comparison

Perhaps you’ve realized it’s time to get a new smartphone because your battery no longer lasts the same amount of time it once did, or you’re not able to download the latest operating system updates because your phone is too outdated to handle them. Those are just two common reasons people upgrade their phones, and more are mentioned in the infographic below. It’s also possible the smartphone you have still works well, but you’re eager to start using the latest model available.

Regardless of your reasons for upgrading, it’s a good idea to become as informed as possible about popular phone models and the differences between them. For example, by studying this infographic, you can find out that the Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung has a People Edge feature that allows quick access to the most-used contacts, while the Apple iPhone 6S boasts two gigabytes of RAM, a full gigabyte more than what was available on the iPhone 6.

The more you get informed about the specifics offered by potential smartphones, the easier it’ll be to pick one that suits the way you communicate. Peruse this infographic and consider it a solid starting point on your quest for greater knowledge.


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