Top 5 Reasons why HTC One X is better than Samsung Galaxy SIII


The clocking speed of the HTC One X is 7% faster than that of the Galaxy SIII, which means that it is smoother than the latter.


The uploading speed of the HTC One X is 5.8MBits/sec, that is 1.9 times faster than that of the Galaxy SIII. Direct transfer of files from your system is possible as there is the USB mass storage support that has been provided, no particular software is required. Not seen in case of the Galaxy SIII as you need a special software in your system, if you wish to make any sort of data transfer.


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The radio function has been included in the HTC One X and all you need to do is attach earphones to the cell to listen to the radio. This feature is not present in Galaxy SIII.

Cosmetic appearance

The HTC One X is a smidgen lighter than the Galaxy SIII. It weighs 130 gms, that is 3 gms lesser than the SIII Also, the One X is lesser in length, by 2.24mm as compared to the 136.6mm Samsung Galaxy SIII Coming to the width of the handsets, the HTC One X turns out to be 0.7mm narrower than the Galaxy SIII, that measures 70.6mm in width. In short, the One X is more petite when compared to the Galaxy SIII.


In the case of the display, the HTC One X has a edge over the Galaxy SIII as, over here there is no sharing of subpixels. This ensures a clearer and crisper screen which is seen in the case of the HTC One X.


The HDR mode has been included in the HTC One X and thus there is automatic adjustment when a picture in HDR needs to be shot. This feature is missing in the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

You can shoot multiple pictures in quick succession with the help of the HTC One X shooter as the Serial shot mode has been provided. This enables you to get a clear shot of an object that is in motion. This mode is not a feature of the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Memory Capacity

Moving to the internal storage capacity of the two handsets, the HTC One X has an internal storage capacity of 32GB, that is twice as much as that of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This simply means that you have a whole lot more space to store you music, movies, photos etc in the One X.


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