Best DSLR Camera Under 25000

DSLR cameras are just great. I love the freedom that they give you to click anything that you want that number of features that come along with them. Irrespective of the subject, the camera is sure to help you get the best pictures with exceeding ease. Getting yourself a good Professional DSLR camera can be a dreaded task as there are many options that are available in the market and they have almost the same features and thus deciding on one can be quite perplexing. I’ve eased it out for you by listing the best DSLR camera under 25000.

Olympus SZ 10

This is one of the DSLRs that you must consider while making your purchase decision, as it is pretty compact for a DSLR and at the same time there has been no compromise that have been made on the features.
The camera has a 14MP optical sensor and it is has 18X optical zoom. Also, there are a variety of modes that are present and the in-camera panorama stitching is the most intriguing one. Also, the camera has a feature that enables two photos to be merged together to get a 3D image.


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Sony DSLR A290Y

I’m slightly inclined to Sony when it comes to cameras and that is the case with most of us as they have cameras that have features that are just so awesome. This one is also sure to stun you with its features and beauty.

The Sony DSLR A290Y has 14.2MP and has a compact design so you can carry it around with ease as there is a grip that is present. The camera has a 2.7 inch tilt-angle Clear Photo LCD display. Also, there is a mini-HDMI terminal that enables you to connect the camera to an HD TV directly.

Nikon DSLR D3100

This is a great DSLR and the best feature of the camera is that the buttons of the camera are well placed and so you will not have any problems using it. The camera takes excellent quality photos, all thanks to a 14.2 MP optical sensor and what is most alluring about the camera is that it has a dedicated “Guide Mode” that will assist the user to take pictures in case he/she is a novice or is in the learning stage.
The camera is one of the lightest DSLRs in the Nikon range as there is a lot of plastic used in the body

Pentax Optio X90

This one looks a tad chunky but the features are great and perfect for people with large hands. There are large buttons and it has a 12.1 megapixels optical sensor that is complemented by a 26x optical zoom that has features as well.
The camera is cheaper than the others that are present in this list, but some of its features are better than any of the cameras that I have mentioned. There is an HDMI output that is present and a 2.7-inch LCD display. There’s a lot of plastic in the exterior and that is the downside.

These are the best DSLR camera under 25000. They are all just too cool and you can get any one of them and go around clicking anything that you want and you are sure to get the best possible images.


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