Intel Wireless Display WiDi Technology to Connect Laptop to TV

The Internet Wireless Display technology is the latest wireless technology that has been creating a furor. Not many know about it, but those who do, cannot stop gushing about it. The technology is worth all the interest that it has gathered and I’m sure that it is soon going to be replacing the present wired displays that we have. Here is everything that you need to know about the WiDi, Wireless Display Technology.

What is Wireless Display technology?

The Wireless Display technology enables the user to connect their laptop to an HDTV or for that matter to any other display without any manual cabling in the form of the HDMI cables. This means that you will not need to tether the two devices and thus there is no space constraint that comes into the picture. The technology was released at CES 2010 CES by Intel.


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There is already a company that is into manufacturing products that are wireless USB ones has been manufacturing a device that has the ability to connect your laptop to an outside display with the help of the wireless technology. This device is known to make use of the UWB technology then there is a connection that is made to the HDTV that you want your laptop to be connected and the job is done.

Since there is an external device that needs to be used to make this connection, you will have something like a pen drive jutting out of your laptop.

But that is not the case with the WiDi technology that is the brainchild of Intel as the laptops will be integrated with the device and all you will need is a receiver and that is presently Netgear as it is the only provider of the same and is indispensable in case you want to use this technology on your laptop.

How to use the technology on your laptop?

Making use of the technology on your laptop is not really a big deal and you can do so with the help of the simple steps that I have mentioned below.

You need to connect the Netgear Pust2 PVT1000 to the HDTV that you wish to make use of with the help of the HDMI.

Once this is done, you need to sync the laptop with the receiver and to assist you in that the WiDi software of Intel is present in the laptop that you are using.

Presently the Sony VAIO S series and the Toshiba Satellite E205 is integrated with this technology and they both have a dedicated key that will launch the software on being pressed.

Presently, the result that you get on your HDTV is not really impressive as the clips are not really clear and the connection cracks sometimes. But that will be made alright with time.

How does the technology work?

Intel has integrated an advanced-N 6200 Wireless card in the laptop and there has been some extra software insertion to complement the card. The connection that is made is basically thriving on the My WiFi connection of Intel.

But there are some limitations as well, as you cannot run a DVD or the iTunes store using the technology as they come under certain Digital Rights Management and so you can’t port them.

The WIDI, wireless display technology is in its initial stages presently and we can hope to see a lot of improvement and inclusion of features in the near future.


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